The Movement Against Racism In Cricket Needs Revival And Involvement: Jason Holder | Cricket news

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The Movement Against Racism In Cricket Needs Revival And Involvement: Jason Holder |  Cricket news

NEW DELHI: The anti-racism movement in cricket needs more than just players kneeling before games for it to have some meaning and substance, it feels West Indies all-rounder Jason holder.
Nearly a year ago, the West Indies became one of the first two international teams to kneel in support of Black Lives Matter, a movement that gained momentum after the death of African American. George Floyd at the hands of a white cop last year.
“I had some discussions about it and I feel that some people feel that now it is a diluted action taken before the games. I would like to see some new initiative to ignite the movement again,” Holder was quoted by ESPNcricinfo. .com.
“I don’t want people to think we’re taking the knee because Black Lives Matter, that’s the tradition and that’s the norm. It has to have some substance, it has to have some meaning behind it.”
“I would like to see a little more emphasis, a little more thought process that really kicks up or re-activates the movement so that it can really contain some substance,” he added.
The former West Indies captain urged athletes to do more for the anti-racism movement as he spoke ahead of his series against South Africa. What Holder wants can be achieved through increased awareness and action, he believes.
As they have done in every series they played last year after Floyd’s death, the West Indies will surely kneel at the start of each of the two Tests against South Africa.
Holder indicated that there could be more in store for his team this year when it comes to amplifying the movement.
“Maybe that’s something we can do as a group. Maybe a video collage and a video message, just to reiterate what the movement represents and what it’s about,” he said.
In a departure from the past, South Africa will also join the movement as a group this time around, even though they have allowed individual players to make their own gestures.
“It has been quite a journey for us regarding this issue”, Dean elgarSaid the new South African test captain.
“Yesterday we had a meeting with the West Indies cricket: myself, Kraigg Braithwaite and the two team managers.
“We have given the players their right to perform any act or gesture they want.
“If the players are comfortable with kneeling, they can do it. If a player wants to do the previous gesture that we had, raise his right fist, he has the right to do it.”
“If they are still not comfortable, they must be firm so that we can respect the campaign,” Elgar added.
Anti-racism has again become a topic of discussion in the cricket world after recent events in England. Ollie Robinson has been suspended for historic racist tweets and some other players are also under investigation for old posts.


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