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There will be more technological influence on decision-making in future: Anil Kumble | Cricket News


MUMBAI: Former captain of India Anil Kumble believes that technology will increasingly influence decision-making, as no player could ignore the presence of “data intelligence” in the future.
the Kings of PunjabThe head coach spoke at a webinar titled ‘Building Competitive Advantage Through Sports Analytics and Data Intelligence’ hosted by the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, with Deakin University in South Asia.
Kumble gave the example of how DRS It has been a game changer in the decision-making process.
“There is the influence of DRS (Decision review system) I’m already on it Cricket and I am confident that there will be more technological influence in decision making as we move forward, “said Kumble.
“Also the fact of the acceptance of the players to be part of this innovation, otherwise it will be left behind,” added the stalwart who has a staggering 619 proving grounds in 132 matches.
Kumble said the debate is welcome, but his personal feeling is that embracing technology is for the greater good.
“I know, we’re still having that debate about: Is this too much technology in sport or should I go back to my own belief that ‘okay, I just look at the ball, hit the ball, that’s the simple way?
“Yes, that’s the simplest way, but I think if you don’t adapt to the technology that is coming and use it for the good of the game, I think people will be left behind,” explained The Leg-Spinner. , which has 1,136 first-class windows.
Kumble, 50, who also served as the head coach of the Indian team, also feels that as we move towards the OTT (on higher platforms), more technology will enter the sport.
“I don’t see just broadcasters influencing technology in sport, but even federations will start looking for innovative ways to incorporate technology into sport,” he said.
“Because all these years it has been television and broadcasters that drove these innovations, which is great for the game and as we move to other OTT platforms, there will be more technology entering the sport and that for me will be the biggest change. we see in the future, “Kumble added.
Kumble feels I shorten the game like T20 or The hundred, the greater the influence of data intelligence.
“The dependency on the data will be much higher, because in a short game, as the format gets shorter, from test cricket, we’ve got to ODI cricket, then it’s T20 now, then there’s (The) Hundred,
“So as the game gets shorter, the reliance on data is much greater to put together a team, strategies, matchups. We keep talking about matchups and that’s how you build a strategy around teams, so just it will be the determining factor, “Kumble said.

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