Tips to check if jaggery (gur) is adulterated


Recently, celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria shared an amazing way to make sure store-bought brown sugar is adulterant-free. Here are some simple tips she suggested to check the purity of the jaggery. Recently, she shared a helpful tip on her Instagram account to make sure jaggery is adulterant-free.

She expressed her views on the process of extracting brown sugar and how there is a chance that the brown sugar you eat has some amount of chemicals in it. She said: “To clean the brown sugar, soda and some chemicals are used. Ideally, the color of the jaggery should be dark brown. The white or yellowish color in gur may indicate a chemical treatment ”

According to Chef Bhadouria, there are several types of jaggery, but when it comes to white or light brown jaggery, they are likely adulterated with chemicals and artificial colors.

Also, he added that these brown sugar cubes can include calcium carbonate and baking soda. Calcium carbonate is added while the jaggery is being processed to increase the weight, while the baking soda helps give the jaggery a nice polished look.

She suggested that you should always look for a dark brown or black jaggery, as it mostly does not contain chemicals. Dark brown sugar is generally organic and contains no chemicals, this is simply because when sugarcane juice is boiled it leaves a dark brown mixture, which is used to make brown sugar. Adding chemicals to this mix makes the jaggery appear white.

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