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TMC MP Arpita Ghosh steps down to make way for new face in Rajya Sabha | India News


NEW DELHI: in a surprise move Trinamool Congress MP Harpita Ghosh he gave it up Rajya sabha seat on Wednesday with five years of his term to complete. His resignation has been accepted by the president M Venkaiah Naidu, according to an official bulletin of the home.
Interestingly, Ghosh resigned his seat just a year after joining the Upper House, on “party instructions” to make way for an “important” or weighty induction into the House to represent Mamata banerjeeParty, you learn.
According to sources, the party asked Ghosh, who was sworn in as a member of Rajya Sabha in September 2020, on the assurance that short-term losses will guarantee long-term gains for her.
Ghosh, an actress and theater director, began her formal political career with the Trinamool Congress in 2010, when she was among some civil society activists who had joined Mamata Banerjee’s party after the Singur and Nandigram movements that uprooted the 35 years of the Left Front regime. in West Bengal in the 2011 assembly elections.
Ghosh, who first won in the Balurghat Lok Sabha constituency in 2014, was defeated from the same seat in the 2019 BJP parliamentary elections, when the BJP won 18 of the 42 seats in the state where the party barely had a presence. . However, Banerjee sent her to Rajya Sabha as a member of TMC in 2020.
Who will succeed Ghosh in Rajya Sabha will be watched closely, as it is the first time that TMC is withdrawing one of its MPs to make way for another.

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