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Tokyo gold winners to get Rs 75 lakh from IOA, move exposes internal rift | Tokyo Olympics News


TOKYO: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) announced Thursday that it would award the Tokyo Olympics the gold medal winners a cash prize of Rs 75 lakh in addition to giving each of the participants National sports federations (NSF) a bonus amount of Rs 25 lakh.
The IOA Advisory Committee has recommended that silver medal winners be presented with Rs 40 lakh, while bronze winners be enriched by Rs 25 lakhs.
“He also recommended a sum of Rs. 1 lakh to each athlete representing the country at the Tokyo Olympics,” the IOA said in a statement.
The IOA has also acknowledged suggestions from its advisory group that a bonus of Rs. 25 lakh will be given to each participating NSF and an additional support of Rs 30 lakh to each medal winning NSF.
In addition, other member National Sports Federations will receive support of Rs 15 lakhs each.
“This is the first time that IOA has rewarded medal winners and medal-producing NSFs to such an extent,” said the IOA secretary general. Rajeev Mehta saying.
The advisory group also recommended an out-of-pocket allowance of US $ 50 per day to each member of the Indian contingent during their actual days in Tokyo.
The IOA also said that the Olympic Associations of the member states “will also receive a sum of Rs 15 lakh each, as a contribution from the IOA to the development of sports infrastructure in the states and to encourage more athletes to play sports.”
Mehta said: “The Indian Olympic Association understands the difficulties faced by athletes and federations and felt that all National Sports Federations, State Olympic Associations and most importantly athletes need support and help, having overcome obstacles and difficult times during the coronavirus pandemic since March last year. ”
But shortly after the announcement, IOA President Narinder Batra apparently chided Mehta for trying to take full credit for the move, exposing the gap within the country’s main sports body just before the start of the Olympics.
Batra provided the details of a meeting of IOA’s internal finance committee at which its chair, Anil Khanna, made the proposals.
“This message / email refers to the email of the IOA Finance Committee Chair, Mr. Anil Khanna, for circulation / virtual financial approvals based on some recommendations from July 20, 2021,” Batra wrote to members of the IOA.
“… I had to leave for Tokyo on July 19 and the timing and purpose of this email from the chairman of the Finance Committee does not surprise me.
“The EC agenda is decided by the president and not by the secretary general or the president of the finance committee.”
The IOA head, in turn, said that it was he who initiated the discussion on awarding a one-time special grant to all member associations and NSF during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“But we have four people at IOA EC who just want to take credit for it all and be ashamed to glorify themselves and forget the misadventures that some IOA finances have committed,” Batra wrote in his statement.
Khanna, in the internal mail, praised Mehta for raising 25 million rupees as endorsement money, but Batra said the amount could have been much higher.
“The sponsorship money can be much higher if it is managed properly at IOA and the agency that IOA has contracted for the sponsorships should be discontinued / changed immediately after the Olympics,” he said.
“Mr. Anil Khanna deliberately does not mention the IOC grant / support through Olympic solidarity, which was around Rs 12 crore approximately during the current four year Secretary General’s first term from 2013 to 2017 to Rs 18 crore roughly, an increase of about Rs 6 crore over the current period.
“The chair of the IOA Finance Committee can praise whoever he wants, but there has been an increase of approximately Rs 6 million during the current cycle of the Olympics.”

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