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Tokyo Olympics: 20 Indian athletes, 6 officials to take part in opening ceremony | Tokyo Olympics News


TOKYO: A total of 20 Indian athletes from seven sports and six officials will participate in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, as COVID-19 concerns and competitions lined up the next day led to the majority of the contingent decide to stay away from the event.
Athletes from sports such as shooting, badminton, archery and hockey will skip the ceremony as the Indian delegation is unwilling to expose them to the risk of contracting the virus with their scheduled events on Saturday.

Hockey, sole standard bearer, captain of the men’s team Manpreet singh, will participate in the ceremony.
The list of 20 attendees includes four rowers, including Manika Batra and A Sharath Kamal, and as many members of the sailing team.
Lone fencer CA Bhavani Devi, gymnast Pranati Naik and swimmer Sajan Prakash, plus up to eight boxers, will also be there.

Apart from MC Mary kom, who is also a flag bearer along with Manpreet, Lovlina Borgohain, Pooja Rani, Amit Panghal, Manish Kaushik, Ashish Kumar and Satish Kumar will participate in the ceremony.
India is represented by more than 125 athletes at the Games, with an overall contingent of 228, including officials, coaches, other support personnel and alternative athletes in light of COVID-19.
“Archery, judo, badminton, weightlifting, tennis, hockey (men and women), shooting, the above do not participate due to games on the 24th, practice sessions on the 24th and security,” said the president of the Olympic Association of India, Narinder Batra.

“Last March it will be in Japanese alphabetical order and the number for India is 21,” he added.
“Both the flag bearers, such as MC Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh, are participating in the opening ceremony,” said Batra.
The six officers who will be part of the event are Mission Birender Chef Prasad Baishya from India, Mission Deputy Chef Dr. Prem Verma, Team Doctor Dr. Arun Basil Mathew, Table Tennis Team Manager MP Singh , boxing coach Muhammad Ali Qamar and gymnastics coach. Lakhan Sharma.
IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta had previously stated that no more than 50 will attend the ceremony. Only six officials from each country can participate in the march.
“We would not like to create a situation where our athletes are in danger of becoming infected. Therefore, the decision was made to limit the number of athletes and officials participating in the opening ceremony within 50,” Mehta told PTI. .
The decision was made after a meeting between mission chef BP Baishya and the trainers here this morning.
Along with the shooters, goalkeepers, and men’s and women’s hockey teams are also scheduled to compete the day after the opening ceremony.
While Mary Kom is not scheduled to compete the following day, Manpreet will lead the team for the first game of Group A against New Zealand on Saturday.
“Those who are in quarantine are not allowed either,” Deputy Chief of Mission Prem Kumar Verma said of the athletes and officials, who recently arrived in the Japanese city.
Among other countries, Great Britain will have no more than 30 athletes participating in the ceremony due to COVID-19 fears.
The UK has 376 athletes wrestling at the Games.

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