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Tokyo Olympics: ‘Don’t take pressure, focus on one lift at a time’: Karnam Malleswari’s advice for Mirabai Chanu at Tokyo Olympics | Tokyo Olympics News


NEW DELHI: Indian Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu He had a sad start at the Rio Olympics. In a field of 12 lifters, Mirabai was one of two lifters who did not finish (DNF) their event.
When he returned to India, he decided to meet Weightlifting legend and the first female Indian Olympic medalist Karnam Malleswari and asked him to review his performance at the Rio Olympics.
Karnam’s talk and advice worked well for the 26-year-old.
Mirabai, who failed to lift 103kg and then 106kg in her first clean-and-pull attempt in Rio, left her Olympic horror show behind and won the gold medal at the 2017 World Championships (48kg) and then became with another gold medal. (48 kg) at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Image Credit: Mirabai Chanu’s Twitter username
The most recent was at the 2020 Asian Championships in Tashkent, where she won a bronze medal (49 kg).
“Mira has been training very hard. He has been training alone abroad. He looks in good contact. He has good exposure and has a good team. He has improved a lot. I am sure he will bring a 100 percent medal.” . He will surely win a medal in Tokyo. Your medal will be a huge boost to the weightlifting family. You’ll see a different look in Tokyo, “Karnam told in an exclusive interview.

Image Credit: Mirabai Chanu’s Twitter username
The 46-year-old Sydney 2000 Olympics bronze medalist advises Mira not to take any pressure and focus on one lift at a time.
“When he came from Rio, he met me and discussed a number of things. He asked me about the Olympic pressure and how to carry out his game. After Rio, he has performed very well in international competitions. Everything I want to convey to Mira with The help of is that she doesn’t push herself and doesn’t think about medals. Just go and do her best and focus on one boost at a time. If she does her best without thinking about a medal, she will be automatically in the medal count, “Karnam said.
Karnam lifted a total of 240 kg (110 snatch and 130 Clean & Jerk) to earn a bronze medal (69 kg) at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. China’s Lin Weining took the gold medal with a total life of 242.5 and the silver went to Erzsébet Markus of Hungary, who lifted a total of 242.5.
Karnam tried to lift 137.5 kg on his last Clean & Jerk attempt, but failed. Since gold and silver medalists Weining and Markus also failed to lift weight on their last attempts, a successful 137.5kg Clean & Jerk attempt would have earned him a gold medal.
“It’s been 21 years, but it feels like yesterday. I still get goosebumps, every time I remember that day. I feel very happy when people remember me that day. I feel very proud. Honestly, no I was happy after winning the medal because I couldn’t win the gold medal. I failed the last lift (in Clean & Jerk). I missed the gold by 2 kg. I was really disappointed. That pain is still there. Because you can’t slip on the biggest competition in the world, “Karnam told

Karnam Malleswari (Image credit:
“I could have won gold, but yes, I am proud to have won a medal for my country and to have become India’s first female Olympic medalist. My Olympic medal opened the doors to many women in the country. After my medal , I am really happy to see many female athletes who have won medals for the country, “said the 46-year-old.
Why have Indian weightlifters failed to win an Olympic medal after Karnam’s glory at the Sydney Games?
“The reason is the lack of support at the grassroots level. When you get to a level, you get the right support. We have to go and find talent at the grassroots level. I’m from a small town too. I had to really work too. It’s hard get to that level. Players come from indoors and need exposure. There is no infrastructure or training facilities at grassroots level. The facilities have not gotten to where the talent is. We need to go and find talent and provide them with facilities and training. ” He said.
“Weightlifting has changed. In my day, we used to train on the ground. We had no shoes and had to practice barefoot. I worked very hard to get to the national level and then to the international level. We didn’t have many facilities. We didn’t have medical facilities. No we had no doctor or physiotherapist. Only manager and coach used to travel with us. That has changed now. There are many facilities today. Athletes are being sent abroad to train. They have the best doctors and physiotherapists. There is a huge facility of sports medicine and sports injuries. There are a lot of changes. And these changes are very good. Considering the level of competition, these changes are good for our athletes, “he further said.
Karnam trusts boxing icon Mary Kom and the queen of badminton PV Sindhu will win his second Olympic medals in Tokyo. Mary won a bronze medal at the London Games, while Sindhu took a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. He had lost to the Spanish Carolina Marín in the final.
“Apart from weightlifting, India will win medals in shooting, wrestling and boxing. Both Mary and Sindhu are my favorites. I am sure they will win their second Olympic medals in Tokyo,” Karnam concluded.

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