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Tokyo Olympics to go ahead as scheduled, say CDMs | Tokyo Olympics News


NEW DELHI: The Postponed Tokyo Olympics 2020 will go ahead as scheduled despite new fears of increasing Covid-19 cases among athletes participating in the Village and officials related to the Games, reiterated the Chiefs of Mission (CDM) of the 206 competing nations in their meeting, where it was also decided to send a reduced number of contingent members to the opening ceremony on Friday.
The CDMs, in their daily briefings, also put a limit on the number of officials who can attend the opening ceremony. “Only six officials per contingent will be allowed. This has been done to minimize the risk of contracting the Covid-19 infection,” a source informed TOI.

India’s mission chef BP Baishya and other members of the contingent have been deliberating on sending a small number of athletes to the ceremony, which will see the six-time world boxing champion, MC. Mary kom, and national men’s hockey pattern, Manpreet singh, leading the contingent as flag bearers. The decision will be made in consultation with top IOA officials, who have arrived in the Japanese city for the Games. A total of 127 athletes from 18 sports disciplines have qualified for the Olympic Games in India.
On Wednesday, the British Olympic Association (BOA) decided that only 30 out of 376 of its Games contingent will be part of the opening ceremony in National Stadium.
At the meeting, the CDMs discussed the Covid-19 situation in the Village and its possible impact on the Games, but decided to support the International Olympic Committee (COI) and the organizing committee (boss) in their decision to continue the Games in a “safe and biosecure” environment. While officials did not deny that there is some degree of panic among athletes with the daily new cases of Covid-19 being reported from the Village, the spirit and excitement of participating in a challenging Games environment has overcome those fears, believe.

The athletes are being evaluated daily, with strict adherence to social distancing and the use of masks within the Village and during training sessions. However, despite best efforts, Covid-19 cases continue to rise among athletes.
On Tuesday, Tokyo 2020 OC head, Toshiro mutoHe had told reporters that he would not rule out canceling the Games even at this stage. But, according to the host city agreement between the IOC and the Japanese government, only the former can cancel the event and has no such intentions at this time.

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