Tomar’s statement on talks with farmers reflects a government drunk on power: Congress | India News

Tomar's statement on talks with farmers reflects a government drunk on power: Congress |  India News

JIND: Congress Secretary-General Randeep Surjewala condemned the Union agriculture minister on Wednesday Narendra TomarThe statement about conversations with agitated farmers, saying it showed the face of a dispensation that is “arrogant” and “drunk on power.”
Tomar had told reporters in Gwalior on Tuesday that the government is ready to talk to agitated farmers about options other than repealing the Center’s three farm laws.
This statement reflects the face of an “arrogant” and “power-drunk” government, which rejects the demands of farmers who agitated for months for the repeal of agricultural laws, Surjewala told reporters after appearing as a lawyer in connection with the bond statement. from a farmer leader, Dr. Dalbir Singh.
Farmers have been agitating on the Delhi borders against the Center’s three new farm laws since November last year.
“This government cannot see the 62 million rupee farmers of this country because it is playing on the laps of a few capitalists,” Surjewala alleged.
Attacking Tomar, Surjewala said: “He says that if the farmers want to, they can speak up, but the black agricultural laws will not be withdrawn. So what topic will the conversations take place on? ”
“It’s like inviting someone to lunch and at the same time telling them that no food will be served there,” he said, adding that farmers are not begging, but are seeking their rights.
“The government has forgotten that it came to power by making big promises to farmers. And what the farmers ask for, they only seek justice and demand what is their right. The government must withdraw the black agricultural laws, ”he said.
Surjewala said that the Narendra Modi government wants to cede the entire agricultural business to a few companies.
Referring to the case in which he argued in court here, Surjewala said that a sedition case was registered against Dalbir Singh in February 2017 and last month, another case was filed against him.
“The plaintiff is being punished for being a peasant activist protesting against the three anti-agricultural laws by the ruling government,” he said, adding that the arrest in a FIR TREE after four years and three months “by himself he proves the malice and bad faith of the State.”
In the above case, Surjewala said that “the applicant did not receive any notice or any indication, but it was only after the registration of the second FIR on May 24 that the government and police revived the previous FIR as a tactic to arrest the applicant.” .
“Arresting the peasant leader more than four years after the registration of a case, slapping him with sedition and other charges is a grave injustice. I argued that both cases are illegitimate and that Dalbir should be released on bail. The court has reserved the sentence, ”said Surjewala.
In the new FIR, Dalbir Singh is accused of making some objectionable comments against the Chief Minister. Manohar Lal Khattar.
Referring to the recent incidents related to the farmers’ protests in Hisar and Tohana, the congressional leader said the dispensation of the ruling was deliberately provoking farmers to have the opportunity to charge themselves with brass, launch tear gas projectiles, use force against them and put them behind bars.
He said that when the polls roll in, the people will teach the government a lesson, which is “insensitive” and “apathetic” towards farmers.


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