tour de france: Fan who caused Tour de France crash goes on trial


BREST: The road spectator who caused a massive crash during the first stage of the Tour de France in June he goes to trial Thursday in what a motorcycle union said it hopes will help raise awareness of safety risks in cycling Races
The French woman, who has not been identified, sent a cyclist cartwheeling, and dozens more fell to the ground as a result, due to a large cardboard sign that she held in front of a television camera, with her back to the cyclists.
The young woman, whom a prosecutor said was embarrassed by what she did, is accused of unintentionally causing injury and endangering the lives of others and faces a fine and potentially a jail sentence.
“The public is key to cycling races, it must remain that way, but it must be done with respect for the physical integrity of the riders,” he said. Romuald Palao, attorney for the CPA Professional Cyclists Association, who is part of the lawsuit.
“This case is representative of what can happen to people who want to take center stage with photos, videos. You have to do it with a minimum of common sense and that was not the case there.”
A lawyer for the defendant declined to comment on the trial, which takes place in the western French city of Brest. It was unclear whether the verdict would be delivered immediately after Thursday’s hearing or at a later date.
The Tour de France withdrew its own lawsuit, saying race safety was key, but the case had been disproportionate after it sparked a media frenzy.

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