Nihang Sikh allegedly kills man in Punjab's Kapurthala for 'sacrilege'

Nihang Sikh allegedly kills man at Punjab Gurdwara for 'sacrilege'

They take away the body of the man allegedly murdered by a Nihang Sikh.


TO Sikh Nihang He allegedly killed a youth, accusing him of sacrilege, at a gurdwara in Punjab's Kapurthala district on Monday night. The Nihang, identified as Ramandeep Singh, posted a video of the young man on social media and took responsibility for the murder. Police officers are at the scene.

Ramandeep Singh claimed that the man had said that he had been sent to commit sacrilege.

The accused locked himself inside the premises of the Chaura Khooh gurdwara in Phagwara town, news agency ANI quoted police officer Gurpreet Singh as saying. “A Nihang Sikh killed a youth at Gurudwara Shri Choura Khooh Sahib on suspicion of sacrilege. Investigation is underway,” he said.

This is the second incident of violence involving Nihang Sikhs in Kapurthala in the last three months.

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In November, a police officer was killed after a group of Nihangs opened fire on police trying to clear encroachments inside a gurdwara at the center of a dispute between two factions.

Five people were arrested for that incident.

The Nihangs belong to a Sikh warrior group whose origin dates back to the creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. They are distinguished by their blue robes and often carry weapons such as swords.

Over the years, they have been involved in a series of gruesome murders, many of them linked to “sacrilege”.

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In 2020, during the height of the Covid lockdown, a group cut off the hand of a police officer in Patiala, with a sword, after he asked them to show 'movement pass' which were mandatory for everyone.

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