Twitter Faceoff: I-T survey on Sonu Sood invites wrath | India News


NEW DELHI. Income tax officials descended on the premises linked to the actor Sonu sood in Mumbai on Wednesday in connection with an alleged tax evasion investigation, official sources said.

Sources have revealed that the IT department inspected Sonu’s property as there were allegedly alterations in the ledger related to the actor. The IT department has reportedly surveyed six locations regarding Sonu and its companies. The survey continued late into the night and officials declined to release further information.

A large portion of Twitter supported Sood, claiming the poll was politically motivated. Many others recalled that the actor faced similar action in 2012 under the previous political administration.

The actor’s house surveyed due to its association with AAP?

‘It is not the first time that Sood’s residence was raided in 2012 also under the then Congress Government’

‘Helped thousands of migrant workers when the government couldn’t’

“Why is the anti-India lobby stirring?”

‘Easy target’

Drag Tool Kit Kangana Ranaut exposed’

Guess who

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