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‘Unwarranted, inappropriate’: IMA asks Kerala govt to withdraw lockdown relaxations due to Bakrid | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Sunday urged Kerala Government withdraw lockdown relaxation for Bakrid amid speculation about the third wave of Covid and warned of taking the matter to Supreme Court.
In a vigorously worded letter, IMA called the Kerala government’s decision to ease the lockdown restrictions for Bakrid as “unjustified“and” inappropriate. ”
“Pain to see amid the increase in cases and Seropositivity, the Kerala government has issued an order to facilitate the continued shutdown in the state under the pretext of religious gatherings in Bakrid, “IMA said in a statement.
“When many northern states like J&K, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal “They have stopped, with a constructive sense of public safety, the traditional and popular yatras pilgrimages, it is an unfortunate cultured state of Kerala to have made these decisions that will set the wave for mass rallies,” he added.
IMA said the Kerala government should enforce zero tolerance against appropriate Covid behaviors and should not deviate from its statutory duty and vision to ensure safety.
“We will be forced to topple the pedestals of the Supreme Court if the state is not enforcing the appropriate behaviors of the covid and becomes a model state to cover the growing threat of the covid, by withdrawing this decision,” he said.
The Kerala government has decided to relax the lockdown regulations this weekend in the wake of the Bakrid festival on July 21. There will be a relaxation in the total lockdown rules on July 18, 19, and 20 at local agencies that are under A, B and C Categories based on the test positivity rate.
Stores that do not sell basic products will be able to operate until 20:00 during these three days. These include textile stores, shoe stores, electronics stores, luxury stores, and jewelry stores.

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