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UP polls: Congress exudes confidence of winning 100 seats, says miracles do happen in politics | India News


LUCK: Senior Congress Leader Pradeep Mathur on Saturday exuded confidence that the big party would win 100 seats in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, and said miracles happen in politics.
Mathur said that the majority of congressional workers want the party’s national secretary general to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to be the face of the organization in upcoming polls, as they see a glimpse of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in her.
“If all goes well (in the UP Assembly polls), we believe we will get 100 seats, “the congressional leader told PTI here.
When asked if the claims made by him are a bit unrealistic, as he is talking about jumping from the current seven-seat count to triple digits, he said: “When the BJP can increase its count from two to a majority, then for not Congress. What I’m saying is absolutely realistic and when Priyanka Gandhi Vadra comes to UP, this could easily be accomplished. ”
He said the 12,000-kilometer-long yatra announced by the party before the elections will motivate party workers.
“Miracles happen in politics and Congress can form the government in the state. Or Congress will form the government in the state or without Congress, no government will be formed,” said the former leader of the legislative party of Congress in the UNTIL Mounting.
Attacking the central government for rising fuel prices, he said that when the BJP was in opposition it used to say that it would sell gasoline and diesel at Rs 30 per liter, but now gasoline and diesel prices are reaching almost 100 rupees. per liter.
Mathur criticized the BJP for its repeated attacks on Priyanka Gandhi, head of the UP Congress.
“It has become a habit of the BJP high command that every time a senior congressional leader comes to Lucknow they get scared because they know that Congress is the only party that can give an adequate response to the BJP. It is for this reason that they try make absurd comments against Priyanka Gandhi, “he said.
Mathur claimed that the people of the state are frustrated with the BJP government and are considering mandating Congress in next year’s elections.
“There was mismanagement during the second wave of the Covid pandemic. How can people forget the death of their loved and close ones during the second wave?” said the leader of Congress.
Expressing concern about the high number of deaths from dengue and viral fever in Firozabad, he said that a special session of the UP Legislative Assembly should be convened to discuss the situation there.
According to government records, 57 people, mostly children, have died so far from the diseases, while 404 people are still receiving treatment at the medical school hospital here.

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