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UP seeks SC okay to install statues in public places | India News


NEW DELHI: Eager to install statues of saints, religious leaders, political figures, freedom fighters, and martyrs in public places, the Yogi Adityanath the government has moved the Supreme Court seeking relaxation from his eight-year order prohibiting such activities.
The SOUTH CAROLINAThe order came in a Gujarat case, where a 2006 court order for the removal of religious structures encroaching on public places, including roads, in Vadodara had led a mob to throw stones at the district court and damage vehicles. A series of TOI reports on this incident were taken into account by the Gujarat HC, which ordered the authorities to remove all religious structures from public places.
It had led to a greater stalemate. However, the then government of the UPA in the Center moved the SC and got a suspension.
After passing several orders, often to no avail, for the removal of illegal structures from public places over the years, on January 18, 2013 the CS ordered state governments to “not grant any permits for the installation of any statue or construction of any structure on public roads, sidewalks, sidewalks and other places of public utility ”. The SC had clarified that this order would not apply to the installation of high mast lights, public lighting or construction related to electrification, traffic, tolls or for the development and beautification of streets, highways, roads and related to public services.
The UP government’s request, filed last year, was presented to the SC for its hearing on Monday, only to be postponed again for two weeks at the request of the state’s attorney. The UP government said: “Many times, it is desirable to raise a statue of some religious or political figure for the development of an unused or ignored land in a picnic place or something similar and said statue, etc., helps that that place is developed and established properly and also to be maintained in a better way. ”
Seeking relaxation of the 2013 ban on the installation of statutes, the state said it was seeking instructions and guidelines for erecting statues in abandoned public places and road separators. It said: “Building statues on road dividers would not inconvenience the general public and serve aesthetic purposes. Erecting statues in those public places connects the people of that area with their cultural roots and reflects the same for visitors and makes people relate to the place. It helps promote tourism and preserve the culture and history of that particular place or region. ”
“Guidelines can be issued to raise statues of freedom fighters, martyrs and great Indian saints in order to instill a sense of patriotism and values ​​in the population and future generations … Having statues would help make the place look aesthetic and better maintained without causing any damage. I prejudice anyone, ”the state said.
It said: “The total prohibition of erecting any statue in any public place is ambiguous. The Supreme Court can be kind enough to issue the necessary instructions to clarify the nature and scope of the structures, statues and public spaces that will be used for this purpose. ”

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