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US in touch with India regarding ‘over-the-horizon’ support: Blinken


WASHINGTON: The United States is in contact with India regarding capabilities and plans on the horizon, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Congress.
The so-called over-the-horizon capabilities that Biden has repeatedly touted cause him to identify and strike terrorists with aerial surveillance and drones launched from outside the country.
Following the withdrawal and evacuation of Afghanistan, the White House he has promised the American people an “over the horizon” strategy to combat any transnational terrorism threat emanating from Afghanistan.

When asked if the Biden administration has approached India as a possible staging area for future horizon forces capabilities, Blinken said the Biden administration is deeply committed to India.
President Biden and his administration spokesmen said the United States will rely on an “over the horizon” (OTH) capability to identify threats and “act quickly and decisively if necessary.”
Congressman Mark Green The Tennessee military asked Monday if the United States approached India as a possible staging area for forces on the horizon.
“I’m talking about Northwest India as a potential because we all know, Qatar, and Doha, the other places are a little too far away, Kuwait, all of that. What about North India? About that,” he said.

In response, Blinken said: “Let me say, overall, Congressman, we are deeply engaged with India, across the board, regarding any details about the capabilities on the horizon and the plans that we implement, it will continue to put in place. . ”
Green thanked Blinken’s response, saying, “I’m glad to hear at least there’s an opportunity to speak.”
“I think that is very fair and I appreciate you saying it and I am glad at least to know that there is an opportunity to talk about it because I think that, from my point of view, it is an opportunity that we must, we must seize,” he said. .
The Biden administration’s “over the horizon” strategy in Afghanistan is raising serious doubts from lawmakers and counterterrorism experts as the US withdrawal changes the calculus on threats and capabilities.
Critics say that Biden and his team have yet to provide sufficiently detailed plans or explanations about their counterterrorism strategy to lawmakers conducting oversight.
President of the United States Joe biden and prime minister Narendra modi It will meet later this month in the first person at a meeting of the quadruple leaders in Washington and they are all set to have a bilateral meeting at the same time.

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