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India reserved its response on the development of headlines in global security with the announcement of the new trilateral security partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia (AUKUS), but New Delhi has reason to be optimistic.
The security trilateral will be a great message for China. More importantly, it will join the global efforts to balance China in this region. It will enhance the defense capabilities of Australia, which has graduated to become one of India’s closest strategic partners in this region. Second, the new trilateral is likely to increase the capabilities of the Playground, of which both the USA and Australia are members.
The Quad is not a security grouping, so this brings a security complement to the Quad, which is the Indo-Pacific diplomatic reach of four democracies. At the moment, the Quad and AUKUS will move on parallel tracks, with the possibility that in the future, these will merge.
Australian PM, Scott morrison tweeted: “Today Australia begins an enhanced trilateral security partnership with the UK and the US to enable deeper cooperation on security and defense capabilities. This is a historic opportunity for our countries to strengthen the security of our nations in times of uncertainty. ”
Ashley Tellis, a Carnegie senior member told TOI, “The AUKUS agreement is intended to develop Australian capabilities to contribute to China’s military balance. Nuclear submarines are our ace up our sleeve: They target China’s greatest vulnerabilities. So it’s a great investment. ”
The wrinkle in this comes from the bad blood generated between Australia and France, two of India’s great partners in the Indo-Pacific. France, being a resident Indo-Pacific power, is in pain today. France had signed a major deal to supply submarines to Australia in 2016: The French shipbuilder, the Naval Group, had signed a $ 40 billion deal to supply diesel submarines to Australia. Today Australia scrapped the deal, without even a permit, going with the United Kingdom and the United States to build nuclear submarines. In fact, by 2016, the Australian anti-nuclear lobby had prevailed, preventing Canberra from ordering nuclear submarines from France, which is the other major manufacturer.
“It was a stab in the back,” he said. Jean-Yves Le French Foreign Minister Drian. France is in pain with both the United States and Australia. This could affect the India-Australia-France trilateral for the time being, although the reasons for that trilateral remain as strong as ever.
Tellis added, “Political symbols are equally important: it emphasizes that Australia is fully committed to the US strategy of balancing China while creating space to accommodate the UK’s desire to showcase a” global Britain “(but that’s a subordinate goal). ”
Rory Medcalf, professor at the Australian National University, wrote: “Australia and its allies basically seek to retain or regain a defensive military advantage that we have been losing with the rapid military modernization of Beijing. … India, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea will likely welcome a stronger Australian navy. ”

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