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Vaccination is the medicine to boost economy: Finance minister Sitharaman | India News


THOOTHUKUDI: Stating that 73 million people of the country’s population have received their vaccine, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on sunday he said vaccination was the only medicine to stimulate economy as it allows people to conduct business regularly or farmers to conduct agricultural activities.
“The vaccination program has run smoothly in the country and so far 73 million people have already received free injections. Today, through the vaccination program, people were able to conduct business, merchants were able to purchase products to run businesses ( therefore,) boosting the economy, or the farmers were able to cultivate … So, vaccination is the only medicine (to fight the virus, to boost the economy) … “, he said.
Sitharaman made those comments while delivering his speech at the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank centennial celebrations here on Sunday.
On Sunday, the Tamil Nadu Ministry of Health, aiming to inoculate 20 lakh people, is conducting a ‘Mega Vaccination Camp’ through 40,000 camps taking place across the state.
“All of our prayers are not for a third wave (of the COVID-19 virus). Suppose, if it happens, then you have to think about the availability of hospitals, even if there is a hospital, does it have an ICU and even if there is an ICU, does it have oxygen support? For all these questions, the Ministry announced a scheme that allows hospitals to increase expansion when there was a great impact in the country caused by the second wave (of Covid-19), “he said.
Sitharaman said that hospitals located in rural areas were able to undertake the expansion work by taking advantage of the schemes announced by the ministry, including the “viability gap financing” scheme.
“Through the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank report, we can see that they bring the schemes announced by the Ministry to the beneficiaries (hospitals). It is a necessity (in the current scenario). Not only the public sector banks, the private sector banks they should do the same, “he said.
Earlier, paying high praise to the Nadar community for establishing the bank in May 1921 in Tuticorin, the minister said today that Tamilnad Mercantile Bank has gained “universal acceptance” and has a presence in all 26 states and four union territories.
Even a famous Greek writer who has written many global economic issues has also mentioned about the Nadar community in his book, he said.
“So today it is no longer a Nadar community bank or a Tuticorin bank, it has a nationwide presence and has deposits of more than 41 billion rupees,” he said.
Sitharaman said that “by strictly following the basic principles, the bank has been taking a cautious step in its approach to doing business, the bank was able to overcome any kind of crisis situation and has managed to function for a hundred years.”

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