vaishnaw: Railways to develop 500 multi-modal cargo terminals in 5 years with Rs 50,000 investment: Union railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways a goal has been set to develop around 500 new multimodal cargo terminals under the PM Gati Shakti program with an investment of approximately Rs 50 billion over the next five years, Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw he said Thursday. He said that there will be multimodal passenger terminals with full and seamless integration of all modes of transport.
Speaking to reporters, Vaishnaw said they hope to complete the development of 200 multimodal cargo terminals in the next three years. This will boost the transportation of bulk cargo by rail, which is the largest source of income for the national carrier. He said details of the plans will be released in the near future.
“There is a clear focus to give a new direction to infrastructure development and logistics movement in the country under the Gati Shakti program. The intention is to reduce the logistics cost, which is around 13% of GDP. The reduction in logistics costs will bring competition and will also lower costs, ”he said.
The minister said that one of the main contributions of the railways will be the integration of the fiber IT network laying along the railway lines. “From now on, all of our planning and execution will have a multimodal approach,” he added.

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