Weight loss story: “I cut down spices and sugar from my diet and controlled my hypertension”


My breakfast: I start the day at 5 in the morning and have a large glass of warm lemon water. I don’t have a proper breakfast

My Lunch: I have an early lunch as there is nothing specific for breakfast in my diet plan. These are usually 2 multigrain chapaatis with some kind of green leafy vegetable curry (made with less oil and spices) and a bowl of cottage cheese to aid digestion.

My dinner: vegetable quinoa / chilla oats / dal / soup / daliya / vegetables, etc.

Pre-workout meal: black coffee

Post-workout meal: protein shake

I indulge in (what you eat on your cheat days) – I’m a huge fan of savoring South Indian delicacies and street food. So once a month, I like to eat dosa, idli, and golgappas.

Low calorie recipes I swear: Nothing like that, but I always try to add variation to my diet or prepare regular meals in a healthier way, simply by limiting the amount of spices and oil used.

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