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What’s in a name? It could be reason for brisk downloads | India News


KOZHIKODE: As the line ends Pegasus spyware spreads globally, a app from a Koyilandy-based public service commission training center with the same name has had quick downloads and people mistook it for Israeli spyware. Authorities of Pegasus PSC Training Center in Kerala were surprised to see the sudden increase in the discharges of their ‘Pegasus online‘in the last three days since the spyware controversy broke out.
While the app’s total downloads were 1,000 last week, it doubled in the past three days to hit 2,110 on Thursday morning.
“We understood that the new interest in the app was fueled by reports about the Pegasus software after we started getting a lot of calls from people who downloaded it outside of Kerala, including in the northern states of India,” he said. PC Sanoop, owner of the training center.
Abin KT, a staff member at the center, said that many callers asked how they could manage phone calls using the software. “I’m busy telling you that the app is for Kerala PSC exam training, ”he said, adding that even his Facebook page has been inundated with applications in recent days. He said the app had the mythological winged horse as its logo and media reports, which used its image in spyware coverage, would have also contributed to this mistaken identity.

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