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WhatsApp tests ‘safer’ backups of messages for these users


WhatsApp currently offers end-to-end encryption for messages shared on its platform. The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform was previously reported to encrypt chat backups in the cloud. The feature, according to a report by WaBetaInfo, is available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has launched the Android Beta version for that offers end-to-end encrypted backups. Enabling the feature will allow users to protect chat history and media backup from unauthorized access.
How does encryption work?
A user will need to choose a password that will be used to encrypt future backups. The password will be required when restoring a backup. It can contain numeric digits and lowercase letters between ‘a’ and ‘f’.
However, the function will have a caveat. If a user forgets the password or loses the 64-digit recovery key, they will be permanently locked out. In this case, even WhatsApp cannot help you login.
The WaBetaInfo report says that the password will be private and will not be shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Apple.
As mentioned above, the feature is currently available to WhatsApp beta Android users. Those interested can sign up for the beta test group to test this new feature. Otherwise, you can wait for the feature to be available to everyone.
Meanwhile, the social messaging platform has implemented a multi-device support feature. It is now available as an optional beta program and allows one to use their phone and up to four other non-phone devices simultaneously. The feature will allow one to use WhatsApp on other devices even if the phone’s battery is dead. To link devices, WhatsApp users will need to scan a QR code from their phone. “This process now requires biometric authentication before linking where people have enabled this feature on supported devices,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

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