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‘When directions come, I’ll quit and work for party’: Yediyurappa’s fate as Karnataka CM to be decided on July 25 | India News


NEW DELHI: The destination of BS YediyurappaContinuation as Prime Minister of Karnataka will be decided by the central leadership of the BJP on July 25.
Yediyurappa, who had so far strenuously denied all reports of his resignation, said for the first time on Thursday that he is not sure whether he will continue as prime minister after July 26, the day his government completes two years in office.
“Based on the instructions that the central leaders will give me on July 25, I will begin my work from July 26. We have a special program on July 26 about 2 years of our government, after attending that event, I will comply with the instructions of the national president, “he added.
Speculation about his departure has been circulating since he was summoned to Delhi by top BJP leaders.
On his return from Delhi after meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, and BJP chief JP Nadda, the BJP strongman had said there was no question of leadership change. He claimed that central leaders had asked him to continue as prime minister and strengthen the party.
However, that confidence was lacking today. On the contrary, there was a clear indication that he might be coming out as the prime minister.
“So far I have not been asked to resign. The party high command has not told me anything. When the instructions come, I will resign and work for the party. I have not recommended any names. Let’s see what will happen after July 26,” he said. Yediyurappa.
Stating that it will continue to work for the BJP to return to power in 2023 regardless of what the party decides about its future, the Prime Minister of Karnataka He said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah (Interior Minister) and our National President JP Nadda have a special love and faith towards me. You know that no office has been awarded to those who have crossed 75 years. of age, but they appreciate my work, they have given me an opportunity despite my 78-year journey ”.
On Wednesday, Yediyurappa had said that he has the privilege of being a “loyal worker of the BJP.”
He had also urged his followers not to “indulge in protests and indiscipline that are disrespectful and shameful for the party.”
The political and religious leaders of the Veerashaiva-Lingayat The community, which comprises 16 percent of the state’s population and is seen as the BJP’s large base of support in the state, has come out in large numbers in support of the prime minister, who belongs to his community.
Karnataka BJP in charge dodges questions about leadership change
National Secretary General of the BJP Arun singhKarnataka’s party in charge on Thursday dodged questions about the leadership change in the state.
“My Namaskar to all of you. We will sit together one day and discuss. We will also sit together and have tea,” Singh told reporters in Delhi, who sought his reaction on the matter.
Arun Singh had visited the state in June amid an elevated tone from a section of dissident MLA seeking the removal of Yediyurappa and consulted with party leaders, ministers and the MLA.
He had later appreciated the work done by Yediyurappa, saying that the Karnataka Government he was doing a good job under his leadership.
A section of Karnataka’s MLA and BJP ministers have demanded that Yediyurappa step down as prime minister. The state tourism minister CP Yogeeshwara said in a statement that instead of the prime minister, his son has been ruling and controlling the Karnataka ministries.
BJP MLC AH Vishwanath had said that 80 percent of BJP lawmakers, who met with the national secretary general in charge of the state, Arun Singh, believed that leadership in the state should be changed.
(With inputs from agencies)

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