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With 2 lakh ICU beds, govt readies for post-festive Covid-19 surge | India News


NEW DELHI: more than two lakh ICU The beds, with 50% of them ventilator-assisted, are being reserved for Covid-19 patients as the government prepares for a likely spike in infections in the wake of the festival season, authorities said.
Around 40,000 additional beds with ventilators are being added in ICUs as part of the large-scale increase in Covid’s healthcare infrastructure across the country.
“Each district hospital will receive at least five more ventilators. Many districts have already started receiving deliveries, ”a senior official told TOI.
The Center is also conducting a skills development program to ensure that more healthcare workers and technicians are trained to operate ventilator-assisted ICU beds.
“The problem is not centered on the availability of fans. With the local manufacture of fans, the supply problem has been addressed, but even as we acquire more fans, the management and training of human resources is crucial, ”said the official.
The preparation is based on estimates from previous waves. The government is calculating the hospitalization of 23% of those infected based on a second wave study and taking into account the high viral load of Delta variant, officials said.
“The metric for healthcare infrastructure requirements is based on the admission rate during the second wave. We found that hospitalization increased during the previous increase. Previously, it was 20%, although not all were in ICU. If it’s a Delta-like variant or Delta itself, our guess is that this is what our hospitalization would look like, but the uncertainty is whether it’s a smarter Delta. Planning must be done pragmatically, ”another senior official told TOI.
“Vaccination will have an impact. Breakthrough infections will occur as they occur around the world and some may require hospitalization depending on the behavior of the virus, but the vaccine will protect against serious diseases and mortality will be much more modest, “said the official.
In addition to ICU beds for Covid-19 patients, there are also 30,000 to 40,000 more ICU beds for non-Covid patients.

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