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Woman, raped & assaulted in private parts, dies in Mumbai | India News


MUMBAI: A 32-year-old curbside dweller died on Saturday nearly 36 hours after being brutally sexually assaulted and suffering severe lacerations to her private parts with a sharp object within a parking lot at Saki naka in Andheri, V Narayan reports.
The crime took place in the early hours of Friday. The 45-year-old defendant, a part-time driver from Uttar Pradesh and also a sidewalk dweller, was tracked to Kurla on Friday night with the help of Closed TV circuit cameras and was booked for murder, rape, unnatural crime and sexual harassment. On Saturday, the defendant appeared before a court in Andheri and was held in preventive detention until September 21.
“The woman had suffered serious injuries to her perineal area (the area between her thighs) and some of her organs, including her intestines, were spilling when she was taken to hospital,” said a doctor.

The woman, attacked in a tempo outside Rashid compound, Saki Naka, was on fan stand at Rajawadi Hospital for approximately 28 hours before his death around 11.30am on Saturday.
Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray called an urgent meeting of senior officials IPS officers and said the case would be tried in a fast track court. He ordered the police to present a charge sheet within a month.
“The police have been asked to be more vigilant and take steps to ensure that Mumbai ‘s image of a safe city is not tarnished,” said a senior police officer.
At around 3.15am on Friday, a security guard at Rashid Compound near Chandivli Studio had called the police checkpoint, saying that a woman was being assaulted within a parked tempo. A Saki Naka police team arrived at the scene 10 minutes after the call and found the woman injured. By then, the defendant had fled.

“A police officer and other police officers obtained the ignition key from the security guard’s tempo and took the victim to the hospital immediately,” he said. DCP (Zone X) Maheshwar Reddy.
“The motive for the crime is not yet known and the defendant has not revealed the motive. CCTV footage showed him fleeing, but we did not see him carrying any weapons used in the crime. The victim suffered serious injuries and was killed by excessive bleeding, ”said a police officer.
As of Saturday night, it was unclear whether police had recovered the sharp object used in the assault. She was taken to hospital in serious condition and a five-member team of gynecologists and surgeons operated on her on Friday. He never regained consciousness to be able to speak to the doctors or the police.
Dr Vidya thakur, Medical Superintendent of Rajawadi Hospital, said the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. “We do not know how the injuries were caused or if she was sexually assaulted. Forensic evidence and police investigations should reveal that, ”he said.
Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said a special investigation team was formed, led by ACP Jyotsana Rasam. “The investigation will be completed in a month. The case will accelerate. Initially, it was suspected that more people might have been involved, but the arrest of the defendants has clarified this, ”Nagrale said.
“There are QR codes located in the jurisdiction of all police stations and every time police personnel are deployed on night patrol, they have to scan the code to show that they have completed patrolling the town. As part of the investigation, we will check to see if there were police patrols in that location. But the incident happened in a short time and we have to verify if the team had patrolled the area before it happened, “he said.
Police said the victim, married and separated twice, made a living doing odd jobs. He had two daughters from his first marriage and a son from the second. He did not have good relations with his family, police said. However, he had briefly met with his mother and neighbors around 7 p.m. Thursday.
A close relative told TOI: “I have known her since childhood. He had no bad habits. She was upset since her second husband left her. Her daughters live with their physically disabled mother and her son with her estranged husband. The person who killed her was never seen locally by any of us. His mother is in shock. His younger sister has visited the hospital and is completing the paperwork. ”
(With Malathy Iyer and Bhavika Jain)

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