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NEW DELHI: The Center said Tuesday that every effort has been made to ensure that electricity generation is not interrupted due to a shortage of coal, with supplies that will be increased to two million tons per day over the next few days and that the railroads also called for more rakes to be provided. to supply fuel to power plants.
“The worse It is over as stocks are rising for the past four days. With an improved offer, the situation is expected to be normal in about a month, ”said a government source.
The Center’s statement came on a day when the secretaries of coal and energy made a presentation to the prime minister. ‘s office detailing the steps that are being taken, ensuring there will be no blackouts. At the same time, states have been asked to ensure that there is no profit on their part and that they do not sell electricity on exchanges to earn a premium, while resorting to power outages.

While several states have warned of possible outages, government sources said that Coal India It has increased the supply from less than 1.6 million tonnes until a few days ago to more than 1.9 million tonnes now, with 2 million tonnes to be shipped from its mines daily starting next week. “We are prepared for a greater supply and transport has also been linked to the railways,” said a source. The railroads will provide 350 rakes, including an additional 50 to transport larger quantities of coal.

Time view

The scope of the problem can be debated. The important thing is to fix the problem immediately. An energy deficit must not be allowed to get in the way of a resurgent economy.

the ministry of power It also dismissed Delhi’s claims that it was facing a crisis and released data to argue that all demand from the capital had been met over the past two weeks and the state had been instructed. NTPC and DVC to cover all the demand of the city.
The Center said Coal India is ready to meet additional demand from coastal power plants, which are avoiding imported coal as global prices have soared more than three times in recent months. Coal imports have fallen by around 12%, which translates into less generation of units that depend on supplies from abroad. Some of this demand has also moved to the domestic market, and approval is being sought from states like Jharkhand, which has yet to clear production from a large mine.
Government sources said states had been advised for months to collect coal from mines, but several of them ignored the suggestion, prompting Coal India to cut production amid rising stocks. They said stocks had reached 100 million tonnes in April, a third more than last year when it was estimated at 75 million tonnes. In addition, states are urged to settle quotas of nearly Rs 19 billion to Coal India, with Maharashtra (Rs 2,600 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs 1,100 crore), Madhya Pradesh (Rs 1,000 crore) and UP are on the list with large arrears.

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