WTC final: India works on plan for Siraj to play for XI | Cricket news

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WTC final: India works on plan for Siraj to play for XI |  Cricket news

NEW DELHI: Indian players have started training in Southampton. With eight days to go to the World Test Championship final against New Zealand, players can practice in groups of three and four before their soft quarantine period ends.
They’re just about to heat up. When the whole team starts to practice starting Friday, it will be a kind of audition for the fast bowlers. Mohammed siraj will be in the center of it. TOI understands that the team management is very anxious to have Siraj in the XI of the game when virat Kohli It goes out to the drawing on June 18.
But it will be a difficult decision. This is the first time since the India tour of the West Indies in August 2019 that Ishant sharma, Mohammed shami Y Jasprit bumrah they are all available for your selection. The trio has been central to India’s success abroad for the past three years.
It emerged that the team’s management is trying to find a way to fit Siraj into the XI. It seems that Ishant could be asked to rest if management believes Siraj is achieving good results in pre-match training. This comes at a time when there is talk of the phase-out process being contemplated for Ishant.
The idea is to have a pacemaker that is ready to cast long spells without letting the intensity drop. Ishant has played this role for more than a decade. Indian team management would also want someone who could hit the platform and bowling gorillas relentlessly if the need arises to control New Zealand’s batting.
Ishant’s experience of playing in 101 test matches, 12 in England, works in his favor. But the team’s management is also wary of Ishant’s aging body. He will turn 33 during the course of this tour. Ishant recovered from a serious ankle injury in January and returned during the test series against England at home in February-March. But there are concerns about Ishant’s ability to cast long spells like he used to. Ishant could still do a good supporting role, but casting a series of gorillas could put him to the test.
While the Indian team has achieved a balance between bat and ball by playing Ravindra Jadeja Y Ravichandran ashwin In the XI, the team management may not want to go with a short close in this game. One can remember that Hardik pandya played the role of fourth sealer when India began collecting 20 plots regularly overseas in 2018.
The condition in Southampton is quite cold and the New Zealand team will feel comfortable playing four closers. India may have been undone by Moeen Ali’s spin at this location on the last two tours, but those trials were played in late summer, when the fields had dried up. It is still early in the season and there will be a lot more for the closers on the field.


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