WTC finale: adaptability will be key, Ashwin feels; Shami, Ishant want to give it their all in one last push | Cricket news

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WTC finale: adaptability will be key, Ashwin feels;  Shami, Ishant want to give it their all in one last push |  Cricket news

SOUTHAMPTON: A “well planned and woven” New Zealand side with two Tests against England under their belt will enter the World Trials Championship final advantage and the Indian team will have to adapt and be ready for the challenge, he feels veteran. Ravichandran ashwin.
The WTC Final here, June 18-22, will be the culmination of two years of hard work, full of emotional moments and many learnings, he said Ishant sharma Y Mohammed shamimeanwhile, as senior professionals from the Indian bowling unit talked about the biggest game of their lives.
“I hope a well-planned and united New Zealand team will come to us. Having played two rounds definitely comes with an advantage, so we have to adapt to that,” Ashwin told ‘’, referring to Black’s ongoing series. Caps. against England where the first test has been drawn.

For Ishant, the only man with 100 tests under his belt on this current team, he called it a great effort, considering the rule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It has been both a practical and an emotional journey, and this is an ICC tournament that is as big as a WC final of over 50,” Ishant said, recalling the start of the WTC journey in the West Indies in 2019.
“Virat (Kohli) has said that this is not our sweat and hard work for just one month, but over a period of two years. We had to work harder because of COVID, then a rule change happened and we were under pressure and then we won a difficult series in Australia. We came back against England because we had to win 3-1, “said India’s latest member of the 300 wicket club.

For Shami, India’s most astute swing pitcher, the Australian series victory achieved without senior pacemakers was the “best feeling” despite sustaining a wrist fracture in the first test in Adelaide.
“It’s about giving 110 percent, as this is the last effort of our two years of hard work. It is important that we give it our all and duplicate our effort for some time.
“The best feeling for me is that without us elders, our youngsters succeeded in Australia, the new guys raised their hands to be counted emerging as new stars. It is also a learning process and helps you increase your confidence and point of reference that has been, “said Shami.

Ishant also agreed with Shami’s statement.
“I think the belief that we can come back from anywhere was huge. It helped Indian cricket get into the next phase. Although I did not participate, I felt that the series gave a different kind of self-confidence,” added Ishant.
Ashwin spoke about how the WTC has provided context for test cricket and would love to see more traditional format games in neutral venues.
“In all these years, it has never happened and it is the most exciting part of playing test cricket and we have never played a team in a neutral venue.
“Going forward, the WTC can add context with two teams playing away from home, causing the ebbs and flows of the game,” said the man, who is expected to exceed Harbhajan SinghAccount of 417 plots during this English summer.
Shami echoed her teammate’s sentiments.
“Both teams are foreigners, in different conditions. It will be a good competition without the advantage of playing at home.”
In England, conditions can change quite quickly with a bright sun giving way to dark cloud cover, something that bowlers are aware of.
“When talking about conditions in English, there is a standard line ‘conditions are king’ and sometimes, on a funny note, I say you don’t need to cover the ground in England, you need to cover the clouds,” said the eloquent . Ashwin.
Getting used to the English weather is challenging, Ishant agrees, as the focus will be on throwing the ball up for more swing.
“In India, the reverse swing comes into play, but in the UK you have to modify the length and throw it upward so that the ball swings more. Changing the length is not easy and requires effort because it is cold here and adjusting to the Weather takes time, “Ishant said.
Keeping the ball shiny is another aspect that’s important to Ishant, as a designated player does the work for the team.
“Someone has to take care of keeping the ball and then other things fall into place, if the ball holds up well. It’s easy for fast players to take ground and do a job for the team,” said the oldest player on the team. saying.
And that’s where experience makes the difference, Shami said.
“Experience counts a lot regardless of the result. Especially in test matches where you have to deal with various situations, cloudiness, shooting, wind direction, everything makes a difference, so when someone who has played before can play again, It does help, “Shami said.


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