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xiaomi: Xiaomi unveils its first Smart Glasses with live translation, navigation support


Xiaomi smart glasses they are official. Chinese consumer technology brand Xiaomi has announced a new smart wearable device in its home country of China, through an impromptu announcement a day before Apple’s annual hardware event, Xiaomi is already scheduled to hold an event on the 15th. September, where the Xiaomi 11T is expected to present. Serie.
Xiaomi The smart glasses come equipped with MicroLED optical waveguide technology “to reduce the design space required in the structural design, as well as the overall weight of the device.”
The Xiaomi smart glasses apparently integrate a total of 497 components that include miniature sensors and communication modules. Because of this, Xiaomi claims that it not only acts as a “second screen” for smartphone users, but “works as a new smart terminal with independent operation capabilities.”

What do Xiaomi smart glasses do?
In addition to basic notification, call display, etc., Xiaomi smart glasses can independently complete functions such as navigation, taking photos, acting as a teleprompter, and assisting in real-time text and photo translation. Xiaomi says that considering its use, key interaction logic has also been implemented to minimize interruptions at inconvenient times.
Important functions such as “key notification”, “phone call”, “navigation” and “photo translation” are supported by Xiaomi smart glasses, which can be accessed by Xiaomi AI Assistant.
Key notification
Instead of displaying all push notifications, Xiaomi smart glasses show only the most important messages, such as smart home alarms, urgent information from office applications, and messages from important contacts, etc.
Phone call
Xiaomi smart glasses will be able to display the other party’s number when a user receives a call, and using the built-in dual-beam-forming speaker and microphone, both parties can clearly hear each other.
Xiaomi Smart Glasses will be able to present roads and maps in front of the user in real time.
Photo translation
Xiaomi smart glasses house a 5MP camera on the front of the glasses. This camera is useful for taking photos and translating text into photos. Xiaomi also says that these smart glasses are capable of transcribing audio to text with real-time translations.

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