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Yeddyurappa may call MLAs’ meet on July 26 | India News


NEW DELHI: Karnataka Prime Minister BS Yeddyurappa (BSY) met with the prime minister Narendra modi on Friday night (July 16) and offered to resign his position for “poor health”, it became known.
Upon his return to Bangalore on Saturday evening, he told the media that he will convene an MLA meeting on July 26. His office later confirmed that the prime minister will host a dinner for the party’s MLAs on July 26, after a formal meeting. Function to celebrate two years of government in the state.
This comes weeks after BJP restored faith in the top of the party. Lingayat leader, announcing “no change” of leadership, amid an intensified factional dispute within and a section demanding the replacement of the prime minister. The rumor in Bengaluru is that BSY is calling the party’s MLA meeting to declare its decision to resign.
BSY came to Delhi on Friday to meet with Modi with his offer to resign from the presidency, but the prime minister had communicated his willingness to resign to the prime minister last week, through an emissary, according to leading sources. However, he wanted to express himself directly to the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior. Amit shah and BJP chief JP Nadda, party sources said.
While it is up to Prime Minister Modi and the rest of the party’s central leadership to respond to the call on when the prime minister’s resignation should be accepted, the BSY may announce its decision to resign after two years in office.
The 78-year-old prime minister of Karnataka has chosen this time to resign, it is known, because “there will be no pressure on the government” due to the transition in Karnataka, as no elections are scheduled in the state. soon and thus a smooth transition can take place.
Given that he will turn 80 in the next two years, the party’s central leadership is eager to nurture the next online leader in the state, as BSY cannot be repeated for another period for his age, according to sources close to him.
BSY has expressed its wishes to the leadership to help the BJP grow to form its full majority government in the state, where it has had to rely on allies. By the way, the Lingayat leader remains the BJP’s best bet in the southern state, where the party formed its first government beyond the Vindhyas, under his command.
That is why the BJP agreed to continue with him as prime minister, when he overthrew the coalition government led by Congress to return to power in May 2018, even at a time when the Modi-amit shah The leadership had taken a firm position on prohibiting leaders over 75 from continuing in any position.

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