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yogi: Will break 35-year jinx, return to power in 2022: Yogi Adityanath | India News


NEW DELHI: Confident to break the spell at UP, where no prime minister has been elected to power for the second consecutive term in the last 35+ years, Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday he declared that he would return as UP CM in 2022.
“I’ll be back. I’m here to break the record.” Yogi declared, while speaking in the Navbharat Navnirman Manch-Uttar Pradesh, organized by Times now Navbharat.
“According to the current trend, BJP will not get less than 350 seats. The party will fight the election on the agenda of development and nationalism ”, said the CM.
In reaction to the declaration of the head of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, that his party would win 400 seats, the CM said: “Akhilesh does not know how to count. The inspection team must have told you that SP is 400 seats behind. However, he said something wrong. He knows who is coming to power. ”
“UP has benefited from BJP’s dual-engine governance in the Center and in the state. The development over the past four and a half years has been more than the Congressional, SP, and BSP governments combined. In the next elections, we should be able to talk about our jobs like public welfare plans and jobs, ”he said.
Yogi said ‘ rashtra dharma‘was important and one should be dedicated to the country. “We have been successful because our plans were for everyone and were not intended to benefit one caste or community,” he added.
Downplaying the changing of the guard in several states, including Gujarat, the CM said: “The BJP is a democratic party and its culture is that the party is bigger than the person and the country is bigger than the party. BJP has a running style and doesn’t believe in parivarwad(nepotism). Party workers do what they are asked to do. The publication is not important, the work is. ”
Hitting the opposition, the CM said that SP was known for spoils and bad governance.
“If they support minorities, why didn’t SP come out against the triple talaq and why wasn’t any action taken against their legislator who supported the Taliban? People will reject SP who sympathizes with those who illegally occupied properties, ”Yogi said.
“My government withdrew the cases filed in connection with the Muzaffarnagar riots because SP had sponsored the riots and had filed false cases against innocent people. The action should have been taken much earlier, ”he added.
Yogi said Mayawati she was forced to publicly declare that, if elected, she would no longer build statues of herself, but would instead focus on development.
Attacking Congress, he said: “When Rahul gandhi goes to Kerala, speaks out against UP. When he goes abroad, he speaks against the country ”.
When asked about the entry of the head of AIMIM, Asaduddin Owaisi, into the politics of the UP, the CM commented that he had come from ‘Bhagyanagar’ and was free to test his bhagya (luck) in UP.
He lashed out at his critics who claim the government mishandled the Covid-19 crisis and said there had been different types of flu that had plagued the country since 1947 (such as dengue and swine flu) but that no vaccine was available. or medication for it.
On the recent ban on the sale of meat and alcohol in Mathura, said the CM. Mathura It was one of the seven most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus and the decision was based on the demand of the people. “In any case, if people are vegetarians they will stay healthy. People can do whatever they want in their homes but not in public places, ”he said.

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