You can now edit PDF files directly on Google Chrome browser


Adobe has finally released an update to the Acrobat extension of Google Chrome which now allows users to edit PDF files in the browser itself. Until now, the extension only allowed users to view, copy, and perform various other tasks on a PDF document. From now on, users had to open a new application on the computer or search for a web application to edit PDF. With the new update, users can comment, bookmark, fill in, sign and do more on a PDF file directly from the browser window.
To get the Adobe Acrobat extension, go to Chrome Web Store> find Adobe Acrobat> Tap Add to Chrome. While all the features mentioned above in the extension are available at no cost, users can also opt for the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription which adds more features to the application. These features include the ability to convert a PDF to a Word document directly, converting a web page to a PDF along with a tool to adjust the location and orientation of PDF pages. Subscription is also required if you want to remove specific pages from a PDF file.
Notably, according to a support page, the new features were made available in some form in August, but the company now shows the additional tools.
“Opening a new application on your computer or searching for a web application for PDF editing can be a hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry. And the native default PDF viewer in your web browser has limited functionality, allowing you to only view or download PDF files. But the Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome lets you effortlessly comment, mark up, fill out, and sign PDF files, and more, all from your browser window. “Read the blog where the company announced the update.

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