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youtube: Now, you can translate YouTube comments in over 100 languages


Youtube has implemented a translation feature in its mobile and web applications that will translate a comment into the language of your choice. Now, you will be able to understand what someone is saying on YouTube in a language unknown to you by tapping a designated button. The feature has been implemented with support for more than 100 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bahasa, and others. The function will be available to both YouTube Web and mobile app users and has started to roll out.
The Translate button is present just below the comment but above the Like, Dislike and Reply buttons. Tapping will translate the comment to the native language set by the user. For example, if you have set the native language to English (UK), the function will display the option of ‘Translate to Spanish (UK) between the comment and the row for the Like, Dislike, and Reply options.
“Translated comments are returned in the language that is automatically detected based on various signals, such as your language, location, and recently viewed videos. These signs display comments in the language that best suits your needs. This language may be different from the primary language setting, ”YouTube says in a post.

The translation button will not automatically convert the language from one comment to another, but it does require you to tap it each time you want to translate a comment.
By the way, the feature has arrived in India and you can check it out right away. Don’t forget to update the YouTube mobile app on Android and iOS if you haven’t already.

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