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Zeenat Aman talks about Dum Maro Dum song played at the iPhone 13 launch: “Wow! 1971 music still resonating after 40 years! What a song!” – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News


The game of Dev anandthe song Dum Maro Dum by ‘Hare Hare Krishna Rama‘ by Apple for the launch of the iPhone 13 yesterday has caught everyone’s attention. Here it is Zeenat love in whom the song was performed. Otherwise, the lady is a very reserved person and rarely speaks, “weird” would be a modest word for her reactions and interviews.


When contacted, Zeenat Aman told ETimes exclusively: “The movie was filmed in Kathmandu and when I frankly heard this song for the first time, I loved it, but surely I did not expect it to become a big hit on the charts.” . Still known today as the Dum Maro Dum girl, Zeenat added: “Everyone talks to me about this when I’m at any music event, even today.”

Zeenat Aman further said that it was such an exhilarating feeling to know that the 1971 music for ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ (which was his debut film) was still so relevant and resonant. “Wow,” he gushed.

Meanwhile, social media has gone wild after hearing this song at the iPhone 13 launch.

Well, Dev Anand was always honest about this. Evergreen Star always told everyone, “I’m ahead of the times.” What better example than this, and many of his films, ‘Des Pardes’ and ‘Guide’, which provide ample proof.

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